Sign, it concerns a criminal act!

Juvenile prostitution does not exist, it is sexual exploitation of minors! Sexual exploitation leaves traces on the physical, psychological and social levels of the victims. Did you know that the average age of entry into prostitution is between 14 and 15 years, and that almost 80% of prostitutes in Canada started when they were minors?

Sexual exploitation is “sexual abuse of minor children – under the age of 18 – which involves a commercial transaction”. Our young people are not merchandise.

As part of the youth prevention program against sexual exploitation, the city, the police department, the CISSS, the CAVAC and the alternative justice organization of Laval (Mesures alternatives jeunesse de Laval)presented at a press conference , the declaration of the commitment of the citizens to recognize the problematic of sexual exploitation, to discuss it with their entourage and to denounce.

MAVN invites you to share the Zéro EXPLOITATION website. A very significant vocabulary change related to “juvenile prostitution”. The new terms used in Laval, and hopefully everywhere in Quebec, show that we must act and stop trivialize this plague especially when it comes to minors.

Go to the Zéro EXPLOITATION website, even if you are from another region, in support of the Laval region.

You can also view the press conference on the Facebook page of the Laval Police Service.

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