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What is a legal education workshop ?

What is a concealment? What is the difference between a theft and shoplifting? Do I have the right to own a drug on me for personal use when I am a minor? Is bullying considered an offense?


Adolescents at Mirabel High School were able to find answers to these questions during a legal education workshop given by MAVN. The group, about twenty students of secondary 2, was attentive and ready to receive information about the law that concerns them (the YCJA), concerning the rights but also the responsibilities that accompany them.

Perhaps they did not feel concerned by the term « criminal act” at first glance, but the more the intervener Mélanie Renaud detailed certain known offenses, the more they understood how this workshop could concern them, near or far. The young people were not necessarily aware of the extent that some of their actions can take, and we can understand them very well.

With images, the students had to make association games in several parts of the workshop. It is important that the workshop is interactive!

By presenting a chart that illustrates the operation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act as well as the place of MAVN in this process, students were able to better understand what happens after a crime.

Virtual awareness

Snapchat, this popular application with young people, still raises several questions when it comes time to address child pornography. It is important for teenagers to know that someone who has a “naughty” photo or someone who spreads it can also be charged. The intervener gave some possible solutions to be able to react adequately if they receive an image of this type. They can also ask themselves a question before sending a photo: Would I be comfortable if my grandmother sees this photo?

Several other current and important topics were also discussed, including informatics delusion, criminal harassment, defamatory lampoon and consent.

The workshop ended with the simulation of a trial that featured young people in the roles of lawyers, accused, victims and jury members. A dynamic way to engage students!


“I thought going into an abandoned place was not that bad and now I’ve learned some stuff about fake Facebook accounts.” – Alexia, high school student


One hour of course well invested

The students were unanimous: this workshop allowed them to understand several myths and stories they had heard.

The teacher of the french group is happy that her students had this information because she believes that they are not necessarily aware of all the possible consequences. “When the teacher says it, they are less receptive than if it’s someone from outside. The workshop was relevant and the examples were well adapted to their reality. »

To know the procedures to receive a MAVN Legal Education Workshop at your school, click here.

Parents of young teenagers, talk to the teachers or school principal your child attends. Your young people are at a workshop close to being informed of possible avenues in case of infringement!


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