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Cut branches to better meet

Each week, the service of Mediation and Conciliation of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians offers you an inspiring neighborhood story, with real testimonials from neighbors who live or have had a close relationship.

Because MCNL has good neighborly relations at heart!


Saint-Jérôme – Several neighborhood conflicts arise over the land trees. They are sometimes too mature, too harmful, produce too much shade or branches, leaves and other tree products fall on the neighboring land and cause problems – which causes discontent.

Fortunately, yard trees not only open the door to conflict, they can also provide an opportunity to talk to one’s neighbor. The proof: the old tree of Karl’s neighbor and his spouse gave birth to a trio of friendship.

Large mature trees adorn the front of the three houses, but one of them was problematic: the neighbor’s tree branches touched Karl’s spouse’s car. The couple asked the neighbor to cut off these harmful branches. The neighbor, full of will, went to knock at the couple’s home to announce that he had borrowed a branch cutter from his father. The neighbor took the opportunity to ask for help and Karl’s husband was happy to lend a hand. A real team work!

We text each other to know if one or the other goes to the park so that the children can play together.

The team formed by Karl’s neighbor and his companion even took the opportunity to cut off the tree branches of the latter’s land. With all this wood, they were able to make another immediate neighbor happy by transferring the branches to him so that he could fuel his outdoor fires. They were now three homes to enjoy a beautiful neighborhood relationship.

Since this simple history of branches, a friendship was born. “These neighbors have become our friends. My spouse is their hairdresser and the other neighbor has his garage, so he does the maintenance and repair of our cars. ” A story that could have created friction, but on the opposite, brings its share of mutual aid and friendship in everyday life.


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