Germaine Lalancette Is Also A Volunteer …


Do you remember Germaine Lalancette, the lady who was annoyed with her neighbour’s snow removal habits? Well! Germaine has also been a volunteer for several years for a community organization with the mission to break down the isolation of seniors. The organization is formed of a board of administrators and some 30 volunteers to ensure the outreach service. The organization has no paid employees. A few self-financing activities are regularly organized to pay for the rent of the organization’s premises and some of its general expenses.

The organization recently applied for a grant with the Ministry Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers to fund the hiring of a project manager for one year, in order to develop a facilitator’s guide for senior activities. The grant was awarded, but on condition that a trustee be appointed to manage project funds.

MAVN was selected to supervise project objectives, financial management and final reporting. The project was a success, and the grant of the organization was extended for one year to train volunteers into facilitators of future activities.

To contact us

Unité de Quartier MRC Rivière-du Nord (head office)

515 Saint-Georges Street

Saint-Jérôme, Quebec

J7Z 5B6

Telephone: 450 436 6749

Unité de Quartier MRC Rivière-du-Nord (Office Municipal d’habitation OMH)

484 Labelle Street

Saint-Jérôme, Quebec

J7Z 5L7

Telephone: 450 553 2005

Unité de Quartier MRC Antoine-Labelle

610 De la Madone Street

Mont-Laurier, Quebec

J9L 1S9

Telephone: 819 623 7139



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