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Am I a tolerant neighbor?

The summer period is the time of friends on the balcony, pool parties, children who have fun in the courtyard, in short, the time of year when we enjoy the most the land and the backyard. On the other hand, it is also the moment when the neighbors live the most inconvenience between them.


The threshold of tolerance varies enormously from one person to another. For Mr. X, the little party next door does not bother him because he happens to do it too. For the couple next door, this holiday disturbs the nap. How to juggle tolerance thresholds from one neighbor to another ?

First of all, we must take into account the frequency and the real consequences that this situation causes to your daily life. In a neighborhood life, you have to endure some of the normal disadvantages of everyday life. It is impossible to prevent the few inconveniences of everyday life. So you have to be tolerant and be courteous.

It must also be said that often, time arranges things. It may be only a brief period of inconvenience and with a little time left, everything will be back for the better. That’s why it’s useless to get angry right off the bat.

In addition, there is noise and noise ! Yes, there is excessive noise, but there is also normal house noise. One can think of neighbors talking on the balcony, cries of children, the sounds of chairs and cabinets, the dog that barks from time to time or mowing grass. We must be tolerant of these noises of everyday life, since we also do all of them here and there.

On the other hand, when neighbors scream rather than talk in the early morning and the dog spits out every day, do not wait for the frustration to accumulate. Go see the neighbor directly to talk to him about the situation that bothers you. Sometimes a visit can make the neighbor aware that the noise is more disturbing than he thought !

We all have different realities, constraints, activities and schedules. Everyone must therefore show tolerance towards those nearby

If your neighbor is walking hard, you can talk calmly with him. He may agree to make some efforts to reduce the noise. Often, a small friendly discussion can be helpful for many frustrating situations. You hear the neighbor’s music from above ? This neighbor might not have known that the noise was heard all the way down !

Tolerance in the neighborhood means accepting situations that are mostly temporary. For example, your neighbor remakes his balcony this summer. You will hear noise, coming and going and there will be some mess in his yard. If the renovations are done in reasonable hours, it does not encroach on your property without your permission and everything is in order, there is nothing to do. On the other hand, if you feel that something could be changed to make you more comfortable, such as quitting at dinner time, try to find common ground with your neighbor !

If you have tried to communicate your dissatisfaction to the neighbor and nothing changes, think of citizen mediation, a service offered by the Alternative Justice Organization MAVN.

Enjoying the summer is also being tolerant when the neighbors make more noise than usual, but it is also to be respectful when you foresee a situation that could annoy your neighbors. Let your neighbors know and they will thank you. In this way, everyone finds satisfaction to enjoy the beautiful season !



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