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Not for the conflict to become a legend

Have you recently noticed a moving truck at the next door? This is the sign that new neighbors are coming! It may be sad to have seen the old neighbors leave, neutral, or sometimes even happy that they have left.


The relationship with the previous owner was not at its best? It is possible, the relations between neighbors are not always easy. Fortunately, a bad agreement with a neighbor is not there to perpetuate each new move! How to present oneself to one’s new neighbors after years of conflict with the old one?

Typical scenario

You had a fight with your neighbor a few years ago because your trees were a problem for him. No common ground was found, so the conflict continued. You are not a bad neighbor, just as your neighbor is not necessarily a bad neighbor on his side. It just happens that sometimes people do not get along, that communication is not effective. When this type of situation shows up, it is best not to let it fester. If your city or municipality offers  Conciliation Mediation Service of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians as part of a collaboration with MAVN, a team of conciliator-mediators is available to assist you in resolving the conflict, at no cost.

Two years later, the neighbor displays his house for sale to move with his new spouse. When you sell your property, you worry that the landlord has only mentioned bad things about you. You do not want the conflict to continue with the new owners before you get to know them! Having new neighbors is the perfect opportunity to start from scratch.

Avoid the legacy of conflict from the old to the new owner

If you want a fresh start, it is better to leave on a solid foundation. Introduce yourself to the new owners and welcome them to the neighborhood! Let them know that you are available if they have questions or concerns. In this way, if the new neighbors are worried, uncomfortable or want to resolve the issue quickly, they will feel welcome to do so.

Communication is the key!




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