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Citizen mediation launches in Mirabel!


On April 1st, the City of Mirabel officially became a partner of the Mediation Conciliation service of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians.

It joins the other eight cities and municipalities that provide conflict resolution support for their citizens. By financially supporting the service, the city offers its 50,575 citizens the opportunity to prevent, manage or resolve their disturbing situations. So there are a lot of noise, dispute over fences, and other issues that may be lining up for good agreement.

For this collaboration, it is the Alternative Measures of the Northern Valleys (MAVN), as well as Alternative Measures of the Lower Laurentians (MABL) which join forces to offer the service to the population of Mirabel.

The citizen mediation service offers citizens time to discuss the situation and, if they wish, to find a satisfactory solution for them. It also enables citizens to gain power over their situation, improve interpersonal or neighborhoods relationships and promote values of respect, listening and communication. An easy access service, free and confidential. In short, a beautiful way to settle differences differently!

In conjunction with the city, the service will be promoted in different ways in the coming months to ensure that Mirabel citizens are informed of the service to which they have access at no cost. We invite you to share the good news in large numbers. Who knows, maybe a Mirabel citizen from your Facebook community will be happy to hear that citizen mediation is now available in his area!

Resolution of disputes between neighbors takes a new turn in Mirabel!

To read the press release published in the Mirabel vous informe, it’s here !

Consult the complete list of cities and municipalities availing themselves of the service.

To contact the service and obtain additional information:

(450) 436-6749 ext. 104

1-800-265-6749 ext. 104


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