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A team of fire

Every week, the service of Mediation and Conciliation of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians area offers you an inspiring neighborhood story, with real testimonials from neighbors who live or have had a close relationship.

Because MCNL has good neighborly relations at heart!

Saint-Jérôme – Amélie describes the relationship she and her partner have with the neighboring couple as a team of fire.

When they moved there, Amelie and her husband were very nervous about reliving a bad neighborhood experience as they had experienced before. But fortunately, now is a different story: “no way to move”! Indeed, we find mutual aid and friendship by the ton in these two neighboring couples.


They are more than neighbors: they are our friends.

The two men help each other to set up their carports as winter approaches and when the summer sun is about to point the tip of its nose, they give each other a hand to open the pools of one and the other. Work on both houses is also done with the participation of the neighbor. In addition to reducing the time and energy spent on these tasks, they have a good time!

On the other side, the two women help each other for the groceries and also provide the ingredients of a recipe when one or the other run out of them. The boys of the two couples also benefit from this beautiful relationship of neighborhood, since they have fun together.

“My husband is a truck driver and sometimes he leaves for three or four days.” During these moments, Amélie knows that she can count on her neighbors and call them day and night if necessary.

In short, a « fence friendship » filled with benefits that lasted for six years now !


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