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Did you know that your city offers you the possibility of setting your disputes differently?

Indeed, the cities and municipalities partners (see the list below) have at heart the quality of life of their citizens and continue their collaboration with the Alternative Justice Organization MAVN to offer them an alternative in conflict resolution.  A concrete way to encourage good citizenship in their community.  A solution of choice to prevent, manage or solve disturbing situations such as:

– Conflicts / neighborhood misunderstandings;

– Problems of communication;

– Interpersonal conflict;

– Intimidation.


“What do you mean by settling a dispute differently? “

It is by appealing to citizen mediation that you could settle a dispute differently! In most regions of Quebec, organizations offer citizen mediation to resolve problems between neighbors. In the region, it is the Alternative Justice Organization  MAVN which offers the  Conciliation Mediation Service of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians (MCQL).

Citizen mediation is, on a voluntary basis, an easy and affordable option to manage problems between neighbors or simply between citizens.

Listening, communication and respect are values at the heart of citizen mediation!

More than 200,000 Laurentian citizens have the opportunity, at no cost, to take charge of their disturbing situations. So there are a lot of noise, dispute over fences, and other issues that can potentially lead to good agreement.

What is the role of the conciliator-mediators?

– Accompany the neighbor(s) to find solutions for everyone;

– To resolve impasses;

– Restore communication;

– Help the citizen to better understand his situation;

– Allow to see the situation from other angles;

– Facilitate the expression of everyone’s needs.


Talk about it first to live better together

The goal of MCQL is to help you find your quality of life. With communication, you can do it! Although mediation is offered, the individual meeting planned at the beginning of the process allows the expression and to be listened by an impartial person, but also to be given advice. In short, a beautiful way to settle differences differently!

Several options are possible during the process. Contact the service for more information.

We invite you to share this reminder in large numbers. Who knows, maybe a friend from your Facebook community is looking for a solution to settle a neighborhood dispute!

For more information about the service:

(450) 436-6749 – 1(800) 265 6749 – info@mavn.ca – mavn.ca 

To cities and municipalities: Thank you for continuing to work with the MAVN organization and for allowing your residents to resolve their differences by communicating!

Cities and municipalities that offer service to their citizens:

MRC Rivière-du-Nord






MRC Pays-d’en-Haut




MRC D’Argenteuil


MRC de Mirabel


The service is an initiative of MAVN, an organization working to develop alternative justice and consolidate dispute resolution mechanisms in the Laurentians since 1985.


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