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Talk about first … then celebrate better!

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year to go outside, take a breath of fresh air, see friends, have fun, relax, spend quality time with family, read a good novel, watch your favorite TV show, in short, get out of the routine!

For 2018, Northern Valleys Alternative Measures (MAVN) continues its commitment to the community with the desire to always do more in its five services.


A special thanks…

Citizens who have settled their differences differently through the service of Mediation and Conciliation of Neighborhoods in the Laurentians (MCNL) ;

Cities and municipalities that, through their collaboration with MAVN, offer their citizens access to the MCNL service ;

Schools that allow their students to benefit from legal education workshops ;

To teenagers who wanted to repair their actions in the community and to the organizations that hosted them ;

To residents of social housing who are involved in their community ;

Partners who work with the team ;

And to the sixty visionary members of the MAVN who share the mission.

Moreover, if it’s not already done, why not become a member for 2018? It’s a great way to start the year!

In this period of celebration, the entire MAVN team wishes you a year to live up to your expectations.


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