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Let’s be a collective force

There are causes to support, as we know, thousands of them. What do you think about associating your values with an organization like MAVN? Show your support to a local organization that looks after people in your area with adapted ideas for the Laurentians. Come connect with the community through MAVN!


Do these values match yours?

– Research and establishment of solutions that promote peaceful behavior among members of a community;

– The active involvement of citizens in the peaceful process;

– Improving the living conditions of all;

-The growth of the exercise of citizenship and public spirit in the Laurentians.

If these words call you out, good news, it is exactly the mission that our organization is pursuing!

What do you think about being a visionary member of a dynamic, endearing, creative and innovative organization?

So, what does it imply, will you tell me?

Be reassured, being a visionary member of MAVN is simple. Ways to support, we find them by tons. Whether in a committed way or simply to show symbolically that you too, you have these values to heart, put your colors in your way! In addition, there are no fees to join.

Me, a visionary member of MAVN?

Why not?

  • Pacifism, restorative justice, mediation and prevention in schools are initiatives you support ?
  • Do you share the same alternative vision of justice as MAVN ?
  • Development and consolidation of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, how about it ?
  • Do you want to take part of the organization’s orientations ?

Join a social cause in your area !

Why do you need me?

Because an organization that has a community of members who support it and makes it grow with new ideas can only be innovative.

We are an organization connected with our community. Be part of the common thread that connects MAVN to the community. Bring your ideas, your strategies and your support to continue to stimulate the current!

Come influence our orientations and fuel the thoughts on alternative justice.

You wish to contribute to the development of citizenship and public spirit exercise in the Laurentians? Becoming a member is the concrete sign that you want to develop links with MAVN, support its mission and values.

Check out our website at www.mavn.ca and you will be convinced!

To fill the form, it’s here : http://www.mavn.ca/devenir-membre/ 


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