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Kudos for recent community forum

The Town of Saint-Jérôme was proud of the results of its second Forum de la communauté sur le Plan stratégique, held September 15, 2016 at Quartier 50+.

A total of 270 participants spent a whole afternoon mingling and talking to the people in charge of a number of large-scale projects currently underway in Saint-Jérôme.

The goal of the activity was to deliver the first progress report for the initiative and envision what else can be done to raise Saint-Jérôme’s profile. 

The ideas that came out of the first edition of this event in 2015 helped get 20 projects off the ground, including the art/knowledge district, Place du Curé-Labelle, Lac Jérôme, a series of interactive consultations and a province-wide advertising campaign.

Saint-Jérôme is beginning a new chapter of opportunity and prosperity, driven not only by political vision and commitment but also by the involvement of the local community.

“A great source of pride”

“The overwhelming sentiment we felt throughout the forum in talking with participants was pride. They appreciated the quality of the presentations and the tremendous progress made in a short period of time. We were very satisfied with the level of the discussions and the constructive ideas that emerged as a result,” said Saint-Jérôme Mayor Stéphane Maher.

He emphasized the importance of the town’s partners – institutional, community, cultural, economic and others – all of whom brought their skills and experience to the table to help develop realistic development strategies.

The Town took advantage of the opportunity to launch a new website to promote the strategic plan and unveil a new Facebook page created for this same purpose. The local population is invited to join the mailing list at www.vsj.ca. (F.P.)

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